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* Our consultants are experts in their respective fields and the approach we take is a very pro-active one, but is very much one that is governed by you.

* We gain an in depth understanding of your background to enable us to represent you professionally, and ensure, when presented, your CV is as strong as it possibly can be.

* We are experts in networking and know the market well, which enables us to ascertain which roles you are looking for and ensure the jobs we find for you are in line with your requirements. We have built long-standing relationships with clients and know how to present you and, more importantly, who to.

* We will guide you through the interview process and give you up to date tips on the types of questions you may be asked, equip you with information on the company, the people who will interview you and their expectations. We can also role-play the interview with you if you are feeling nervous. We will help you to optimize your chance of success. Our philosophy is that “we are only as good as the professionals we recruit” so we work with you as your partner, empowering you to achieve the best possible outcome in an interview.

* We are with you throughout the whole process and afterwards, offering you an aftercare service, which is why many of our candidates come back to us as clients.

* If you see a position you would like to apply for on a job site feel e-mail it to your recruitment consultant

* If you are considering using another recruitment agency that asks you about a job that sounds similar to a role you’ve discussed with us, please ask us first if you’ve already been submitted. If you’re not sure if the job is the same, send the job description to your recruiter so they can review it.

* If necessary, reach out to your recruiter for more details before allowing the second recruiter to submit you. If they’ll release it to you, the name of the hiring manager is a good way to be sure.

* Try to avoid applying directly to an employer if you are also registered with

* “Bad” recruiters may submit your resume from a job board; and contact you only if an interview is requested. Submitting a candidate without their consent is not condoned by reputable recruitment agencies. If you’ve found out you’ve been submitted for a job by an agency you are not working with, you can contact the agency to request they withdraw your application.


Please read on for more information on how we can work together.

The Job search – It’s Our Job to find Your Job.

The Internet has provided people with the ability to find jobs around the world, however, because only a quarter of all job openings are advertised, online job-hunting is largely ineffective, compared to using a recruitment consultancy for your job search.

Look at the old adage “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” it couldn’t be more true when it comes to job hunting.

A major disadvantage to job-hunting online is that everybody else is doing it. You’re one of many people vying for jobs and perhaps hundreds applying for the same job, because the convenience factor of online job search appeals to all of your competitors as well. Even when you’re searching for jobs outside your area, you’re competing with job seekers in that region and people applying for the same job from every other region.

Over the years, job seekers have repeatedly told us that they seldom hear anything back after they hit “apply” on an online job advert.

If you’re lucky, you may have a preliminary email exchange with a recruiter and then never hear from them again. It’s a depressing experience, and one, which also casts a shadow on the hiring company’s reputation and could lead you down the negative tracks of self-doubt and loss of confidence – a fatal path when you need all of your confidence for the interview.

So why does it happen? Is it you, is it them, or is it just something every candidate must prepare for in the hiring process?


Here are a few reasons

1. You really aren’t qualified.
If a job description specifies a Manager with three to five years of experience and you’re a recent graduate with one year’s internship, it’s unlikely you’ll get an interview. Most job descriptions are written with very specific requirements and the company is trying to find the most qualified candidate. It’s not personal, it’s business.  If you feel that you are ready for a bigger role and have transferable skills, talk to your recruiter who will consult and advise you on the current market requirements and the process to get you there.

2. Your CV is lacking content or isn’t formatted properly.
A CV is what gets you in front of an employer, so it needs to impress – fast!

First of all, you need to actually make sure your CV is appealing enough in the first instance, for a prospective employer to bother reading it.

It’s important to structure your CV into different sections in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand. This is going to be different for everyone, but the basic sections tend to be:

  • Contact details
  • Profile / Summary
  • Skills
  • Achievements
  • Education
  • Experience

You also might want to add sub-sections like ‘volunteering/paid work/work experience’, or ‘qualifications’, which contain certificates you may have.

CVs must also be “keyword-optimised “. Job descriptions and adverts are salted with keywords specific to the skills or attributes the company seeks in applicants. A close read of the job description is a necessity, as is keyword-optimising your resume. Where your CV must always be an honest and transparent representation of your skills, qualifications and experience, you may miss criteria, which the company are seeking out.

Ask your recruiter to help with your CV, they are experts and can give you tips on how to write a “Killer CV”.

3. The company received 50 CVs for one job, and yours was 49th in the pile.

Finding a job is tough, no question. Some employers tell us that they can only respond to 30 percent of online applicants. The odds are good you’ll be in the percentage that hears nothing a lot of the time. Don’t take it personally – it’s not a rejection of you, it’s a reflection of the times. If you don’t hear back, know you’re not alone.

Looking for a job is a job. This is where your recruiter comes in. they are experts at networking and will more often than not have a working relationship with the person who posted the job advert or even better, the direct line manager. They may know about other jobs that the company have not yet advertised which may also suit you. Your recruiter is also experienced in objection handling, so if there is something the potential hirer is unsure about, your recruiter will act as the negotiator, handling these objections for you, whilst aiming to get that interview locked in.

So, if you see a position you would like to apply for on a job site e-mail it to your recruitment consultant and let them take the hassle off your hands.


Applying directly or with multiple recruitment agencies

When you are job searching, at first glance, working with multiple recruitment agencies seems to be the best way to maximize your chances of getting a job. Right? Not always.

Know that being submitted on multiple occasions may get you blacklisted or make you look desperate to get a job. Some employers will work with multiple agencies, and therefore two or more job postings on a jobsite for the same job may not be identical, recruiters create their own job postings, selecting key points from the client’s original advert, so you may be applying for the same job with the direct employer AND 2 or 3 or even 4 agencies.

With certain companies, if the same candidate is submitted twice, the system will kick them out of the process entirely. Being submitted twice will not help your odds.

Try to avoid applying directly with a company and also through a recruitment agency.

Generally, if you have already applied through the company’s system, the company will not consider you as a candidate through a recruitment agency.

Often, applying for a direct hire job through a recruiter is a great way to get your resume to the top of the stack – recruiters have direct access to hiring managers.



All recruiters send at least 1 reference to prospective employers at CV submittal stage. This is to benefit the jobseeker by strengthening their chances of gaining an interview with a good reference and to benefit our client by ensuring that we only work with high calibre healthcare professionals.

Nearly all employers require at least 2 references with the following criteria:

  • People you have reported directly to
  • Your 2 most recent employers
  • Not family members or friends
  • Both referees prepared to give verbal references

It’s a good idea to contact your referees to let them know that they will be contacted by an agency and/or potential employer, so they are not caught off guard.

Please note: are unable to assist any jobseekers who cannot provide the above references.